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Jesse Becker, MS

2614 N Clybourn Ave.
Apt 203
Chicago, IL 60614

Web: https://jessebeckerms.tumblr.com/
Mail: j_becker@winebow.com
Phone: +1 3122 720 2769

Job description:
Portfolio Specialist at Craft+Estate (Winebow)  

VDP: Where and how did you get the wine bug?

Jessy Becker: I first got the “wine bug” working in restaurants, beginning at the age of 14. I saw that the waiters who knew about wine earned more money! Later, I discovered that wine was tasty and interesting, and began to learn about it more seriously.

VDP: Your first encounter with German wines?

Jessy Becker: After I had the bug, I asked an early mentor for advice about the wine business. He gave me Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World book and a bottle of Maximin Grünhäuser Riesling. He said: “read the chapter on Germany and drink this wine!”

VDP: What is your favourite story to tell about German/VDP.wine – did you have highly emotional experience with our wines / producers?

Jessy Becker: I visited Steffen Christmann in the Pfalz in 2008 and stood in VDP.GROSSE LAGE® IDIG while tasting the wine. I remember feeling that the wine tasted like the place; it was a real connection to terroir.

VDP: How many bottles of German wine/VDP.wines do you have in your cellar?

Jessy Becker: Too many to count!

VDP: What is your favourite vineyard in Germany – and why?

Jessy Becker: Wehlener SONNENUHR. After you climb to the sundial, you feel you’ve earned a glass!

VDP: If it comes to German grape varieties, what is your favourite? Riesling, Spätburgunder or other?

Jessy Becker: One of my mentor’s told me, if you want to understand a wine, you have to drink it every day. I drink Riesling every day because I’m trying to understand it.