VDP.INTERNATIONAL | Oslo got the taste for VDP.Wines

Oslo now got the taste for German and Austrian Grands Crus! The three Fine Wine Associations VDP.Die Prädikatsweingüter (Germany), ÖTW Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (Austria) and STK Steirische Terroir- und Klassikweingüter (Austria) brought their unique and outstanding wines from their best classified single vineyard sites to Oslo.

It was cold minus 15 degrees, when the VDP.Winemakers arrived in the Northern capital of Norway - even the Oslonians were freezing. But inside the Gamblen Logen, where the exclusive tasting was set up, temperatures where ideal for Tasting. The fine, complex and characteristic wines that resemble their terroir as well as the signature of their quality driven winemakers had all possibilities to shine. The VDP together with  ÖTW and STK from Austria welcomed around and 150 wine professionals from Norway as well as an interested crowd of wine connoisseurs, that showed high interest in the VDP.Ortsweine. 

We offered a few Masterclasses and Lectures:

Masterclass with Arne Ronold MW: The Classification of the best Sites in Germany and Austria: VDP.GROSSE LAGE® meets ÖTW.ERSTE LAGE
Horeca | Press 11.30 am – 1.00 pm room: Amaldus Arne Ronold MW
Limited to trade and press members only, please register here

www.VDP.Vineyard.Online: Introduction to the freshly released digital atlas of VDP.classified sites (VDP.ERSTE LAGE® | VDP.GROSSE LAGE®). The first and most comprehensive digital terroir compendium.
Horeca | Press 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm room: Hoffpenjonisten Hilke Nagel (VDP) & Katja Apelt (VDP)
Limited to trade and press members only, please register here

Participating wineries from Austria:

ÖTW | KAMPTAL | Allram · Brandl · Bründlmayer · Dolle · Ludwig Ehn · Eichinger · Hiedler · Hirsch · Jurtschitsch · Fred Loimer · Schloss Gobelsburg · Topf · Weszeli ·
KREMSTAL | Walter Buchegger · Geyerhof · Malat · Mantlerhof · Hermann Moser · Sepp Moser · Nigl · Franz und Andrea Proidl · Salomon Undhof · Josef Schmid · Stadt Krems ·
Stift Göttweig · Türk · Petra Unger · Rainer Wess · TRAISENTAL | Markus Huber · Neumayer · WAGRAM | Fritsch · Leth · Bernhard Ott

STK | SÜDSTEIERMARK | Gross · Lackner-Tinnacher · E. Sabathi · H. Sabathi · Sattlerhof · Tement · VULKANLAND | Neumeister · Polz · Winkler-Hermaden

participating wineries (79)